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In collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Titania has developed various on-line and part-time attendance courses, a capacity that has been demonstrated with the development of new courses covering the specific training needs of its clients and the adaptation of classroom training to the on-line environment.
For the delivery of its on-line courses, Titania uses several of the Polytechnic University of Valencia’s tele-teaching tools, among them the following:
  • Poliformat Remote Education Platform.
  • Polimedia videos.
  • Policonecta remote teaching service.

For the specific case of training in the field of Radiological Protection, Titania is supported by the Lainsa Radiological Protection Technical Unit (RPTU), homologated by the Nuclear Safety Council for the delivery of different courses on Radiological Protection.

Particularly noteworthy among the courses delivered are the different editions of the part-time attendance master course on Radiological Protection at Radioactive and Nuclear Facilities, coordinated and developed by Titania, along with the Training Programme for the 18th refuelling outage at Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant, specifically developed for Lainsa.

Master Course on Radiological Protection at Radioactive and Nuclear Facilities

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Specific Training Programme for the 18th Refuelling Outage at Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant

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Basic Course on Radiological Protection Applied to Nuclear Facilities

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