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Formalisation of Enresa’s participation in the Master course on RP directed by the UPV and coordinated by Titania

On Friday November 16th an agreement was signed for Enresa’s participation in the Master Course on Radiological Protection at Radioactive and Nuclear Facilities, directed by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and coordinated by Titania Servicios Tecnológicos.

Attending the event on behalf of UPV-Titania were the Rector Magnificus, Juan Julia, and the Director and coordinator of the course, Gumersindo Verdú and Patricia Mayo, respectively, and on behalf of Enresa, Alejandro Rodriguez, Director de Operations, Luís Preciado and Sergi Margalef of the Mestral Technology Centre’s R&D Training Department.

Enresa’s collaboration will consist basically of making it possible for those attending the course to gain direct insight into the facilities and the work being performed at Vandellós I, the José Cabrera nuclear power plant and the centralised disposal facility for low and intermediate level radioactive waste at El Cabril, as well as delivering an advanced module on the dismantling of nuclear facilities.

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