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Grupo Dominguis installs its new Technology Innovation Centre at the UPV

Grupo Dominguis, a company specialising in technology services and solutions for the energy industry - such as the treatment of surfaces, industrial maintenance, chemical cleaning and emergencies - has installed its Technology Innovation Centre in the Polytechnic City for Innovation complex at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), through the spin-off Titania Servicios Tecnológicos.

The inaugural event, held on December 13th last in the Blue Cube Auditorium of the Polytechnic City for Innovation complex, was presided over by the Councillor for Economy, Industry, Trade and Employment, Máximo Buch; the rector of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), Juan Juliá; the executive chairman of the Dominguis Group, José Dominguis, and its Managing Director, Héctor Dominguis.  Also participating in the session was the Director of the UPV Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications Institute (iTEAM) and Rey Jaime I prize-winner for New Technologies, José Capmany.

Inauguration of the Innovation Centre and celebration of the 80th anniversary.

The Management of the Group considers the role played by Titania and its collaboration with the UPV to be of strategic importance for its growth and internationalisation.  “The efforts and investments that we are currently making in the area of R&D&i are absolutely necessary in order to maintain a high degree of competitiveness, especially in view of the important process of internationalisation in which we are involved”, said Héctor Dominguis.

The rector of the UPV, Juan Julià, also spoke in these terms, underlining the significance of the business venture with Titania, a spin-off in which this academic institution is participating.  In his intervention, Julià stressed the importance of attaching value to knowledge and the transfer of research results, saying “there is a need for policies encouraging such transfers, because creating activity based on knowledge improves the competitiveness of companies”.

The Councillor for Economy, Industry, Trade and Employment, Máximo Buch, congratulated Grupo Dominguis for its 80 years of effort, during which time it has demonstrated its capacity to adapt, its entrepreneurial spirit and its forward-looking vision.  He stressed: “Grupo Dominguis is the type of company that this government is striving for: an innovative company with an international projection that has an important knock-on effect on other industrial sectors in our region”.


Research, development and innovation constitute one of the areas on which the Grupo Dominguis strategic plan is focussed.  The new Innovation Centre, with its 400 m2, has been put into service for the development of this plan and houses offices, a chemical engineering laboratory, a robotics and industrial instrumentation laboratory and a project design and development laboratory.  It also houses an exhibition area showcasing several items of equipment and robots designed by Grupo Dominguis.

The Technology Innovation Centre starts its activity with 14 on-going projects oriented towards the energy sector (nuclear, thermal-solar and wind) and the enhancement of special emergency equipment.  The investment mapped out for 2013 amounts to one million Euros.

Inauguration ceremony

Chemical engineering laboratory

Robotics and instrumentation laboratory

Exhibition area 


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