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Innovation Center

On December 13th 2012 Titania moved its headquarters to the UPV Polytechnic Complex for Innovation, creating the GE Energy ServicesInnovation Center, bringing together at one same location all the Group’s projects, personnel and resources for technology development and innovation.  The location of this facility at the UPV scientific estate will boost the achievement of development objectives in the coming years and will be one of the building blocks for the creation of synergies between our R&D team and the UPV’s research groups and institutes, as well as other spin-offs and innovative companies.

This new site, with its more than 400 m2, includes offices, a chemical engineering laboratory, a robotics and industrial instrumentation laboratory and a project design and development laboratory.  It also houses an exhibition area showcasing different items of equipment, robots and systems developed by the Group companies in response to the needs of their clients.