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As the unit in charge of executing the R&D&i projects of Grupo Dominguis, Titania acts in support of the Group’s Technology Development Department in the coordination, performance and achievement of the objectives of the different projects, defined in accordance with the R&D&i. Strategy.

R&D&i strategy

Development of technology to support the operation and maintenance of energy generating plants, increased efficiency, the optimisation of operating costs and the minimisation of the wastes produced:

Nuclear industry
  • Automation of processes to reduce dose rate.
  • Robotics applied to decontamination and dismantling tasks.
  • Development of new procedures/processes/equipment/materials for decontamination.
Renewable Energy Sources
  • Development of equipment for thermal solar plant maintenance support.
  • New cleaning systems adapted to different types of installations (heliostats, PV panels, photovoltaic,…)
  • In situ maintenance of wind energy generator blades and remote inspection.
  • Optimisation of radiological emergency response resources.
  • Emergency management and response support systems for industry and fire fighters.
Radiological Protection
  • Medical diagnosis equipment quality control.
  • New systems for personal dosimetry surveillance.
  • New technologies for the monitoring and minimisation of radiological impact.